When you are buying a new home whether you are going to live in it or rent it out, you have to arrange for a building and pest inspection. This is vital because no-one wants to buy a home that is structurally unsound and infested with pests.

If you the house is located in a warm or tropical climate the structure of the home and the potential infestation by pests is usually down to one small creature; the termite. These guys are silent, small and transparent in colour making them almost impossible to detect. And that’s why you’d be mad not to have arranged building and pest inspections for your new Gold Coast home.

OK, so we’ve established the importance of having these inspections done. What if I told you, you could arrange to have both inspections done by making one call? One simple phone call to Luke and he will organise both a building and a pest inspection to be carried out at the same time for your convenience. Dave would love it if you could be there while the inspections were being carried out but will give you 2 comprehensive reports when the job is done.

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