Termite Management Tips

Although most homes are invaded from time to time by pests such as ants, spiders or cockroaches, nothing strikes fear into a property owner’s heart as much as the thought of termites¬†eating away at the structure of a home.

While pest control may be carried out efficiently by the average person for common bugs, termite control should be entrusted to a termite specialist. In fact, to avoid unpleasant surprises, regular pest inspections and building inspections should be performed on a programmed basis.

Finding a termite infestation is not necessarily a reason to panic. It actually takes quite a long period of time before the little pests cause considerable damage to the structure of a house. For anyone but a trained professional, however, it is not always a simple matter to determine if a termite infestation is actually present.

Mud Tunnels

termites build mud tunnelsTermite tunnels

Mud tunnels outside on the foundation of a home are an obvious sign of termite presence. On the inside, check for piles of wings, droppings, sawdust or other debris near baseboards, windows or door sills.

Locate a beam near any suspicious evidence and try to stab a screwdriver into it. If the beam is soft and can be penetrated, it suggests termite damage. To be absolutely sure, contact a licensed exterminator for termite inspections. If termites are found, the professional will then be able to immediately carry out termite treatment and continuing termite management to prevent recurrences.

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